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Track Day Event 4th July 08



Trackdays Spain – 1 year old and motoring on!

Trackdays Spain celebrated their first birthday at the Guadix circuit near Granada, with over 30 motoring enthusiasts in attendance. The fun, sociable day saw drivers pushing themselves to the limit around the demanding track. Some of the beautiful cars taking part included a Porsche GT3, Radical SR3, Audi TT and three Lotus Elises.

As a special birthday treat, all participants shared lunch and cake with the Trackdays Spain team and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

Regular trackday-goer Peter Bowerman thought it was the best yet. “I’ve been coming along to the Trackdays Spain events for about 6 months now. I liked it so much the first time that I bought myself a Westfield, now I’m totally hooked.

There’s always a good atmosphere at the days, but I really enjoyed their birthday event, it was great fun, well organised, with plenty of new faces and beautiful cars. I would definitely recommend the days to anyone who loves cars and likes the thrill of driving fast. As you can see from Top Gear's star in a reasonably priced car, anyone can get a real thrill out of pushing your car to its/your limits.

Take it from me and my friends, once you've been once you’ll be addicted - the next event can’t come around quick enough."

Trackdays Spain pride themselves on organising safe, fun, affordable days which are open to all and want to introduce as many people as possible to the adrenaline rush of trackdays.

Newcomer Nick Greening, brought his Lotus Elise along and was delighted he had. “I went along to Trackday Spain's birthday bash and I was really impressed with how everything was organised, how professional, and friendly the team are. This will not be the last time that I go to Guadix to do a Trackday, it was well worth the three hour drive from Seville.”

Safety is a priority at Trackdays Spain’s events, something Organiser and Instructor Andy Turnbull is keen to get across. “You can bring your pride and joy along to our days and know that it will be safe. There has never been any car to car contact on the 200 plus days I have organised and we are very strict when it comes to enforcing the rules. If we see any aggressive or dangerous driving we will give one warning, if it happens again then they are going home, no exceptions!

Creating a safe, fun, no pressure environment is our primary concern and all our regulars appreciate the no ego, friendly atmosphere this creates. We hope this will also give first time trackday attendees the confidence to come along.”

Please find below a collection of professional photographs taken by Mark Florko, you can contact Mark on 00 34 600 700 797 or by email on He is going to be available for future events so please get in touch if you'd like some professional photos to capture your trackday experience.

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IMG_2253 IMG_2264 IMG_2271 IMG_2280 Untitled-1 gallardo2mod gin lamborghini
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