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Trackdays Spain recommend Demon Tweeks as the company from which to source all of your trackday accessories. Demon Tweeks hold an incredible amount of stock and can offer every conceivable product you may ever want from full race equipment to the latest in trendy driving shoes.

Track days in Spain operates at the fantastic Guadix race circuit which is set amidst beautiful Andalucían countryside, nestling at the foot of the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. With over 300 days a year of sunshine, attending a track day in Spain is a lot more predictable and pleasurable than in the UK and offers much better value for money.

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Most of our clients use Demon Tweeks for their race suits, boots and gloves and as they progress and are bitten by the trackday bug they often start to upgrade their cars with full race harnesses and quick removable steering wheels.

So even if you can’t drive like Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton then at least you have no excuse for not looking like them when you attend a Trackday in Spain. Just beware though, if you spend a fortune on your clothing and then proceed to dawdle round the circuit like a snail you may well hear the cry of “all the gear but no idea” directed at you, obviously this will be done in a friendly and motivational style…

Click the image below to visit the Demon Tweeks website.

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On a more serious note, before you spend loads on flash clothes why not book some one to one instruction with our professional race driver or one of our highly skilled instructors. You can then really begin to appreciate what your car is capable of on a challenging circuit like Guadix.

If you really want to monitor how your performance improves as you start to gain track experience, we recommend you purchase the brilliant Performance Box in car data logger and lap timer. This awesome bit of kit utilises the very latest GPS system to measure a wide range of car and performance parameters.

Click the image below to visit the Demon Tweeks website to see how you can purchase this great new device that will really help you see how you are performing on your Trackdays in Spain.

performance box
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