Format of Events for beginners

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Welcome to the Trackdays in Spain useful info for your first trackday

Here we explain the format of our trackdays, what to expect when you arrive at the circuit, and some useful checks for your car prior to going out on the track.

Format Of Events

Our track days are generally run along two formats, unless you intend to book an exclusive or corporate trackday, in which case the format can be tailored to fit your own specific requirements.

A normal track day is run in various sessions, divided in such a way that drivers of broadly the same ability/experience are grouped together.

It is not always possible to divide groups correctly into such sessions, so in order for this to work successfully we ask that you are total honest when assessing your own competence.  There is absolutely no point pretending you’re the next Alonso or Hamilton when you have never driven on a track before. Be totally honest and you will be placed in a group that will give you more confidence and allow you to learn and fully benefit from your time on the track.

Our trackday sessions typically last for 15 - 20 minutes each and drivers can normally expect to be on the track once per hour.

The second format of our track days is what we call an “open pit lane” trackday.

Safety marshals control the total number of cars on the track at any one time, and cars complete a set number of laps and return to the pits for a breather. When drivers feel they are ready to go on track again, they join the queue in the pits and they are released one at a time back onto the racetrack as completing drivers re-enter the pits.

Between 2 and 3 pm the circuit will close for one hour to allow marshals and participants to break for lunch.

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