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The Trackdays Spain’s Guadix Race Circuit

The Guadix race circuit offers drivers of all abilities a challenging but safe trackday experience. The track has recently been completely resurfaced with medium abrasion tarmac and features brand new, fully FIA compliant curbing, making this track a wonderful place to spend a day at the wheel, learning and improving your driving technique.

Below you will find a link to an onboard video filmed from one of our own Radical SR3 1500 Supersports. The driver is driving at a slower than normal pace in order to show the circuit as clearly as possible and to give you an idea of what driving on one of our superb Trackdays in Spain will be like.

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Click here to watch the first video of our Radical SR3

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The lap record at the track is 1 minute 13 seconds and this sort of time has been set by some of the very best racer drivers in the world, drivers like Lewis Hamilton have tested here in the past and Aston Martin used the circuit recently to test their Le Mans DB9 race car.

The photos below have been taken before every corner on the circuit.  We have overlaid a red marker to show the optimum line you would take around the corner to carry maximum speed onto the following straight or to set yourself up into the correct position to take the next corner.


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