Operating procedures at the Guadix Circuit

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Trackday Operating Procedures

The day will often be run in sessions to limit the number of cars on the track at any one time, as recommended by the circuit. The length of each session will generally be of 15 - 20 minutes duration. Sessions will be continuous throughout the day except in the event of a session being stopped and during the lunch break.

Alternatively we may operate a so-called “open pit lane”. Drivers will be admitted to the circuit under traffic light or marshal control and may then complete a number of laps before being called in. Drivers wishing to enter the track queue in the pit lane and the total number of cars on-circuit is again limited to not more than that recommended by the circuit.

The trackdays we run in Spain are strictly non-competitive and anyone considered by our staff, the circuit operators or the safety marshals to be driving competitively or in an unsafe manner will be summoned before a member of staff and warned to adjust their driving style accordingly. If they re-offend they will be excluded from further participation in the event and fees will not be refunded.

We are not here to stop anyone driving as hard as they want, as long as it is done following the very basic safety rules we impose, these are not designed to limit your enjoyment but are there purely to enhance the trackday experience for everyone involved and minimise any expensive damage to your car!

As previously mentioned our sessioned trackdays will be divided so that as far as possible drivers of similar abilities and circuit experience and type of cars drive together.

Typical track day in Spain sessions are as follows:

Group 1: is for drivers new to track days and for un-modified cars.

Group 2: is intended for drivers with some track day experience and for modified cars.

Group 3: is for very experienced drivers and competition licence holders.

Before the day commences for each group a Trackdays Spain official will lead the group around the circuit for three familiarisation laps, these laps are not designed for you to put in your best Massa style qualifying lap, they are limited to 60 mph or 100 kph speed. These laps are designed to show you the circuit layout and allow you to see the cones we will have laid out marking apex points and brake marker boards.

Unlike trackdays in the UK which are have become very strict on the level of noise emission which makes it very hard indeed for many cars to drive at full throttle or even go out on track at all, Spain has no such noise restrictions! So if you have very loud pipes you will not need to resort to sticking strange back boxes on or lifting off the throttle every time you pass the permanent sound monitoring trackside microphones that are so hated in UK trackdays.

If everything runs smoothly you should be out on the track once per hour throughout the day, which should be enough to satisfy the most enthusiastic track dayer. Please do remember that track driving is very, very tiring because of the high levels of concentration required, most drivers in reality do maybe six laps and then find their concentration lapsing. DO not try to be a hero as this when mistakes happen, slow down or take a breather.

Overtaking is permitted wherever it is safe to do so, only on the left. NEVER EVER overtake within the braking zone of a corner. Make sure the driver you are overtaking has seen you, many drivers flash their headlights before committing to pass and it’s a good idea to indicate to the right if you see a car about to overtake you so that the other driver knows you have seen them and you will not pull out in front as they pass you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not a hazard to other drivers.

In the event of an incident on the circuit, the race track marshals will display flags as follows:

circuit flags

operating procedures

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